Radiation BLOGs by Bob McCauley, ND

Chlorella, Kelp, FIR Sauna, Ionized Water - Combating Radiation Exposure
by Bob McCauley, CNC, MH
With the recent problems in Japan concerning the nuclear power reactors and radiation leakage I would like to offer the following natural modalities for removing radiation from the body once it has been exposed to it. Read More

Radiation From Fukushima Becoming Ever-Bigger Threat to US
By Bob McCauley, ND
Radiation associated with 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan is slowly but surely making its way across the Pacific Ocean toward the US. Read More

Chlorella: The World's Most Effective Food for Heavy Metal Removal
By Bob McCauley, ND
The fiber in Chlorella is famous for removing heavy metals and other synthetic toxins from the body. One of the absorbing substances in Chlorella fiber is sporopollenin, a naturally occurring carotene-like polymer that is extremely resistant to degradation. Read More

FDA Warns Pharma Inc. about Irradiated Spirulina from China
by Bob McCauley
They are notoriously high in heavy metals. When Japan industrialized in the 1970′s, it was exposed to tremendous amounts of mercury which caused mercury poisoning. China is experiencing the same phenomena today. Read More

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